Trouble – All My Niggaz Lyrics

All My N----- By Trouble


P---- fat she got them racks
And let my patna use her wheels
And now my n----- up
And all my n----- still buck
Took a couple pounds
Go break them down
For all my youngins in the jects
Though I been had respect
Still will go head first about a check

Percky got me geeked
And all my b---- wanna do
Is spread them cheeks
Them chucks still on my feet
Over East you sleep, you tryna creep

How the f--- he got the Crips?
How the f--- he got the G’s?
And he throw B’s?
Nephew just popped a book
F----- on yo hoe and he a beast


One at the Flame
One at the Cave
One up in Magic, doing her thang
My phone gone rang if its some street
Up in that b----, I don’t f--- wit lames
Squeakin reasons n----- heating
Ain’t too peaceful playin the game
What I be doing don’t get that s--- confused
To have me buss yo brain

Thuggin all outside in public bussin
Nothing what I come from
100 rounds on that drum
B---- its nothin I go dumb dumb
F--- all that playin the wolf
And I’m with the s----
Ain’t nothing I haven’t took
180 pound frame respect
The same size to be took

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