Olamide – Prophesy Lyrics

Yeah, I’m a king
I’m a champion
I’m a born leader, that you can’t stop
I was born to rule, I was born for this
I’ve been waiting for my shot now I gotta get it
Ma leader, ma leader ko
T’eba le, eleba omo iya mi ka ju
Oti pe ti mo ti tera Moshe
O ye ke ti mo
Flow mi o de n tan
I’ll give you more

Second down second down
I’m about to break it down
Now for my round yeah yeah I’ma falling out
I’m coming early yeah not from your area
Koma worry won le won le bami, energy yen is coming out
Calling me barbarian, some say annoying, he’s a Nigerian
Ghana aggressive, I think he’s a hooligan

Call (?) wey I never understand
Ori mi n gbona gbona
Alaye mo kana kana
Hot like the sun sun
Energy mi Shana Shana
Pana Pana ko le Pana
So gbogbo wa Lara Lara
Tori tipe tipe mo ma n fun won dada dada

Mo ma jo won balabala
Mo ma fun won fire fire
Emi eyan Rada Rada
Lyrical ajigijaga
Mus like jagajaga
Cut like dagger dagger
And I’m not the (?) like sledge hammer

My prophesy is here
I’m bout to change the game
After the sex we rest your level never be the same
Iru to lo iru to lo, latiwaju titi deyin
Keku le gbo so fun toko
We are taking over
North to the South
East to the West
London, Tokyo, Bangkok
Berlin, Paris, Cairo
DC, Accra, Lagos
Malabo, Elsinki,
New York, Lisbon, Monaco
Milano and Madrid

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