Fantana – Rich Gyal Anthem Lyrics

I can get any man
I want in this World
Cut and fine
Am Likie a miss World
I got money more than this girls
Jewellerys are golden diamonds
In purse, but i don’t understand
Why fine boys keep broke girlfriends
So am gonna take your men
And show him to my rich world

Money stop bullsh!t
When a rich girl talk broke girl shut
Money stop bullsh!t
No girl can keep a man
A girl wants

So you for hide your face
Girl hide your face
Slay Queen you no get money
You for hide your face
Girl hide your face

Who’s that gyal?
Who’s that gyal?
I am that gyal

S3xy girl
Ah mi the boys demma want
Coca-cola shape back and front
See, more money we have found
Me ah hot like fire pon land

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