20 Free platforms to start your blogging career 2020

20 Free platforms to start your blogging career 2020

It is advisable to start online business during this lockdown period the option were treating on this post is blogging...

To be called a blogger is not just a name or title of chieftaincy, you must actually know what you’re doing, some people jumped into blogging just because his or her friend works and earn big from blogging. If you’re in this category, well you’re getting it wrong.
Blogging is beyond copy and paste, what you can actually offer the whole world is what you should firstly focus on, always see a blog, forum or website as a means of getting your stuffs to the world

Differences between blog and forum

Blog is a website or platform that requires daily updates
 Only verified content publisher has the authority to publish posts.
Blog always has only one niche i.e Lifestyle blog
Forum is an online community where tons of discussion is been carried out
Several blogs forms a forum (several niche)
Forums allows all users to create articles

without wasting much time here are the lists of available trusted blogbuilder based on my research
Lists Of free blog builders
  1. wapkiz.com
  2. www.wapblog.id
  3. wodemo.com
  4. xtgem.com
  5. blogger.com
  6. wordpress.com
  7. bloggerswise.com
  8. tinyblogging.com
  9. blogproducer.com
  10. blogrelation.com
  11. dgbloggers.com
  12. full-design.com
  13. yomoblog.com
  14. thezenweb.com
  15. dailyhitblog.com
  16. worldblogged.com
  17. simplesite.com
  18. wix.com
  19. webnode.com
  20. hatenablog.com

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