Westside Gunn – Euro Step Lyrics

Euro Step By Westside Gunn

Conductor, conductor, conductor

Ayo, rockin’ a Sakai in the 911 soft-top (Skrt)
Hopped out, big drum on it, had to sort ’em out (Brr, brr)
Peace, my name’s West, but I’m from the East (Ah)
Ayo, the only n---- that got five b------ with five visions
Open your eyes, listen, this our time, Christes and Fly
Waitin’ for fly b------, sippin’ pain in the rain
Never got wet, this for my n----- that’s locked in the cage
Brushin’ their waves with a chip bag, drop it like Six Flags (Skrt)
Clothes from Fifth Ave, broke and got rich fast
How you figure you n----- ill and you illin’, millin’, and shillin’
Icon, what a wonderful feeling, put holes in your building (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Allah willin’, I be touchin’ big bags (Ah)
Goyard leashes on all-red Saint Bernards
Saint Laurents, water whip the coke with the Avian
They be on bullshit, I be on real time
I be out in France with Clovis, sippin’ real wine
Toast to my real n----- that’s sellin’ dope still (Ah)

I be sippin’ real wine, toast to my n----- (Brr)
Toast to my n----- in the field, st- (Brr)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, red wine
Toast to my n----- in the field, sellin’ dope, yeah
To my n----- still in field, sellin’ dope (Ah)

My middle knuckle is bigger than all my knuckles on this hand right here, bruh
You ain’t got a scratch on your middle knuckle
You know what I mean, you ain’t been through nothin’
You never-, ain’t-
You never been in the-, in the crib with welfare cheese and fried bologna
And all that stuff like that for dinner at nighttime, man
Don’t come to me with that lil’ punk a-- s---

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