Stunna 4 Vegas – Freestyle Lyrics

Freestyle By Stunna 4 Vegas

Ron on the beat
Uh, uh, p---- (F--- n----)
It’s 4X (Ha)

She say he too smooth, I’m swift (Uh-huh)
I get that money and make it flip (Flip)
I’m the type n---- to drop d--- on her lip (Drop d--- on a thot)
She wanna f--- ’cause I’m havin’ that chip (I’m havin’ that chip)
She wanna go on 4 (On 4)
He say it’s smoke, fasho, let’s go (Let’s go)
I’ma bust if I up my pole (Boom)
N---- get in the way, and get rolled
Shove d--- in her throat she got choked
Big Glock with a stick in my coat (Boom)
Move wrong in this b----, and it’s on (Huh?)
He get laughed at, we lower his tone (Come on)
This s--- that I’m smokin’ is strong (Uh)
Me and [?] just rolled out a zone
Hit her once, ain’t no callin’ my phone (Thot)
Done gettin’ money, b----, leave me alone (B----)
High Roller life, I be geekin’ (Geekin’)
Lil’ n---- watch how you speakin’ (Stupid)
We tweak quick as he blink (Fool)
Like Lil’ n----, f--- was you thinkin’? (Gang)
We beat him drunk, he was drinkin’ (Slump)
Slump like a skunk, he stinkin’ (P----)
Bet I’ma bust if he reachin’
Got rich so quick, I make it look easy (4X)
I dove headfirst like Harden (Uh)
I love Dracs not [?] (B----)
We got more guns than an army (What else?)
My lil n----- goin’ retarded (Bow)
Pass me a water, I’m bustin’ on RPs
We slide on your block with 8 RPs (Boom, boom boom)
I might find a b---- when I say, “Cheese”
I won’t diss a rapper, we put him on Say Cheese (Come here, b----)
We bag s--- like [?] (Uh)
These n----- like ridin’ in fish bowls (Uh)
Pull up aside that b---- and park it (Skrrt)
N----- mad because I blew up like explode (Boom)
My s--- hit hard in the dark (Uh-huh, ice)
On the red carpet with a .40 on me [?] go like Stark (Go)
I’m stiff on a b----, no Stark
A f--- n---- gon’ hate, that’s okay (F---, okay)
N---- prolly wanna be like me one day
B----, we give it up the dumb way (Dumb)
I’m with my gun and I ain’t in no parade
Get whacked, cup an opp like [?]
My n----- spittin’, no Blu-Ray
[?] (Huh?)
My momma told me I’m gifted (Uh-huh)
So I ride around with that uh uh
We blew more smoke than a chimney
I know some n----- wanna kill me (Huh?)
Bro play with them birds, he a pilgrim
I want him dead, I’m Hitler (Huh?)
Long money, short temper (Uh-huh)
I send them n----- come get you

B----, I send them n----- come get you
I send them n----- come get with you
R.I.P. up under his pictures

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