Mulatto – No Hook Lyrics

No Hook By Mulatto

Big Latto

I got money and my own family started acting funny
I don’t trust nobody, keep it on me
I swear they always told me that the top would be lonely (Yeah)
Two year relationship, that n---- really owe me (P----)
B----, I want my time back, bruises, had to hide that
I thought I was pregnant, to this day, I’m thanking God for that
F--- The Rap Game, still happy I ain’t sign that
No sleep, when I land, headed straight to sound check
Dropped ten bands to beat a case that I ain’t do (Yeah)
How the f--- they book me for some s--- with no proof? (S--- cap)
B----, I ain’t forgot how y’all was clownin’, but it’s cool
I’ma sue and get the last laugh on ’em when I’m through
I love my OG, but he ain’t show me how to treat s---
No wonder why I let that n---- try me like a weak b----
Shouldn’t have made the tape, he keep on threatenin’ to leak s---
I let a n---- break me, now I’m pickin’ up the pieces (Yeah)
She used to be my dawg, but now she telling all my business (B----)
If I could take it back, I wouldn’t have been on television (Hell no)
‘Cause y’all won’t let me grow up and accept the fact I’m winning
Brother in the penitentiary, it’s a piece of me missing (Straight up)
Heart been broke way too many times (Times)
Me and Brooke beatin’ b------, still banned from Mount Zion
I can’t let the industry get between me and mine
Swear I’m trying not to lose it, but this s--- be havin’ me crying
Mama had me at fifteen, really got it out the mud (Yeah)
I came home from school and seen bags, hella drugs
Lost the bond with my daddy for some money and a buzz
Swear the industry the devil, s---, it is what it was
Ain’t no stranger on the ‘net finna tell me ’bout my life, though (Hell nah)
As a kid, feelin’ too black for the white folks
Ain’t changin’ my name, disagree and you can die slow
Work hard and pray harder, b----, that’s all I know (B----)

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