Lil Uzi Vert – Just Meh lyrics

Just Meh By Lil Uzi Vert

This is not Siberian this sunny sweats
27 gang b***h I hope I’m blessed (Hope I’m blessed)
Pull up on a stain I made twenty check
N----- ain’t the same ain’t no going back
She made a deep d--- cause that girl she got twenty necks
My n----- they made it from the struggle yes struggle yes
My n----- was in the Jetson and they layin’ on the jet
My n----- go where I go that’s a fact that’s a fact
My n----- they throwin’ waters they wish they was throwing checks
My n----- they sippin’ water and they fit and they fit
I got n----- in Atlanta that was locked up in that fence
Octopus cut in diamonds on my neck and I’m like s---
Every time I pull up on your b---- I gotta let her wait
I got too much guap now watch me match my man match my man
I know all my pants and I still got that C all on my cap
I could make you dance R.I.P. that boy set up my strap
I got hella bands I put crack cocaine up in her crackkk

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