Charlie Burg – Channel Orange In Your Living Room Lyrics

aChannel Orange In Your Living Room By Charlie Burg

We met when I was drunk
That party didn’t actually s---
You made fun of how slow I drank
We had that mutual friend
Who introduced us at the end of the night
I felt it was right to keep words in my head

But now I can’t stop thinking about you
Each moment passes and my thoughts return to you
And the memory of us too
As we listen to channel orange in your living room

Even when you’re away, that album makes me feel like you stayed To listen now would make me a fool again for you

From the show we walked back to your house
Between the drinks and jokes I spout
I know I’m playing games I shouldn’t play

But now I can’t stop thinking about you
Why does the music make the pain so hard to lose?
I can’t bear it without you
As we listen to Channel Orange as I kissed her
She don’t know it, I still miss her
Channel Orange in your living room

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