Yung Gravy & bbno$ – Go Bananas Lyrics

Go Bananas By Yung Gravy & bbno$

Ayy, man, the, the f--- you mean
You ain’t heard of no f-----’ Lentra, the God?

I got the drip drop, icy hot wrist, that’s a ice pack (Uh)
Think I’m Tim Horton with the Ice Cap
I used to get caught up with all these thots, forgot ’em
I never second guess, I shoot my shot, I got ’em
It’s funny how I never check my watch, still got ’em
Problems without Baby Gravy, we just solve ’em
He ain’t got the loud pack, tell that boy speak up (Speak up)
New side b---- short and stout like a tea cup (Tea cup)
I might get myself some fake t---, get some D-cups (Ayy, ayy)
Just so I can flex on my ex, she got C-cups

Check the patterns, we keep goin’ bananas
I see you nanas slippin’
Watch the blue shell do some damage
We in the back (B----)
We passin’ six, five, four
Three, two, one, yeah, now we in the front
So I spent a big check on a car
Yeah, I would if I could, yeah
Everything I make is hard
You will like it ’cause it’s good, yeah
Shorty, you better be playin’
Sorry you misunderstood, yeah
Baby, what the f--- you sayin’
Nothing good rhymes with good

I could take a piss on a drum and the song would go dumb
Anesthesiolo-wrist make ya s--- go numb
Get a freezie with ya b----, buddy, you could be my son
Yo mama lookin’ like a fee-fi-fo-fum-head-a-- m-----------
What’s for supper? (Mmm)
She must think that I’m a sucker

I stumble when I mumble, I look lazy, yeah
I’m in the Bay with Baby Gravy, feelin’ hazy, yeah
I’m finna get paid with the Paper Gang, we goin’ crazy, yeah
I’m ’boutta get laid with a b---- that cook that soup up daily, yeah
I’m in the Cadillac, b------ on, chicken soup, the dinner song
Thick as fog, b----’s leg lookin’ like a cricket, dog
Kill ’em off, whip it off, chillin’ like a villain, dog
Built a bong out of aluminium and a Cinnabon
And y’all ain’t want no smoke with the clique, nah
Lose your gold rope to my b----, yeah
Tape and the name been the same
Never fell off, on the way to a boat with them fellas
On the gang

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