Young M.A – 2020 Vision Lyrics

Young M.A – 2020 Vision Lyrics

Sleep walking part two
Zombie on the track

Uh, straight off the rip, get to the bag
The plan is to triple my cash and s--- on my past, hey
Had to put a lock on my heart ’cause the love don’t last
Really rich, but I’m humble, but I won’t brag
But I just blew 40K on a piece, VV’s, freazin’
Sick s---, every time I wear it, I’m sneezin’, sheesh
2020, gotta level up, increasin’, big
Gotta talk to these lil’ dumb n-----, preach, I’m preachin’
New money, but I’m gettin’ back to my old ways
Still hood, n----, still gotta get the chicken wings with the lo mein
Still good when I pull up, clap, clap, real life, it’s a real thing
Probably with 3 n-----, but when it’s war time, it’s the whole gang
Take your b----, then I f--- her, she ain’t comin’ back, homie this a sure thing, poor thing
I don’t cuff a broke b---- and I don’t cuff a no-name, no
Two tone cuban links, white and rose
Broke n----- ain’t never been in no banks, y’all really ho-made
Bank account on bar code, got a long nose, send a opp to the crossroads
Life taught me keep a eye open and my heart closed
Staring at the bottom of the Hennessy bottle, man, it’s a dark hole
Seein’ my brother name on that tombstone turned my heart to a charcoal
Life is a b---- (Uh), lil’ triflin’ b---- (Lil’ triflin’ b----, hey)
Most of these models be broke, stop hypin’ that b----, hey
IG got you out here feelin’ yourself
You got likes but you ain’t got no wealth, go get help, b----
Independent winning, when I get a check I ain’t never gotta split it (Never gotta split it)
Makin’ women fall in love with me, I ain’t even gotta hit it (I ain’t even gotta)
Most of these rappers be cappers, they fake, I can feel it in my spirit (I can feel it)
Ex still hittin’ my line, decline, I don’t even wanna hear it
Chain so loud, I’m deaf now, wrist on wet towel, they upset now
Yeah, uh
Life is such a letdown so I’m pourin’ up whenever I’m stressed out
Drinking most of the bottle for my dead n-----, gotta pour the rest out
You know I ain’t no trickin’ n----, I’ll treat a hoe like a step child
Amiri jeans with the reptiles with the Dior it’s flex now
Fell in love with the money, got my first mil’, now I’m obsessed now
‘Bout to do a couple movies out in Hollywood, catch me on the West now
Old friends turn new enemies, hatin’, wanna send threats now
Put a price on a n---- head, he correct now, I collect now
LLC Real Estate, I get a check and invest now
Buyin’ properties, black monopoly, no checkers, this chess now

Zombie on the track

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