Justin Rarri – STRONG Lyrics

STRONG By Justin Rarri

B---- you left me witta broken heart
I was breakin down bad on my birthday
I done seen all the fake in the worst way
And my brother cross me in the worst way
And its easy to say I was stupid all along
How tf you gon break a lil n---- I had to be strong
Don’t question bout my life I gotta big reason ion do a song with them n-----
Them n----- don’t hang with real killers
And you know dat I’m unforgiving
And he taking duece right out his backpack
Big ol 30 gon knock his face I’m shootin them black gats

N---- they cappin they stretching the cap they be strechin the fitted I callem yo gotti
All in my dm talkin bout ya bm the f--- you gon do you ain’t clap at nobody
I got sky dweller tell a b---- I’m the plug I be swaggin all over the mazi
Inside the burberry find a 30 round clip only shoot if I bust a yo noggin
Whole gang behind me
If u get it f----- up that’s rip
They gon have to go sum new white tees
And she feel safer around me
I got respect in my city little b---- go head try to kill me
Imma hurt ya whole family feelings
Imma letchu kno you dying w me
Because B---- I be dat baby devil
Blood on my Balenciagas
B---- we shootin ain’t no problem
Lil brother want dat he kno I got em
30 deep in yo place
50 deep if you want rake
Yung rich n---- I feel like Mase
Young rich n---- I feel like mase
Imma f--- on ya treesh then go count on my cake
Let em getchu real kilt while I hop on a plane
When they talking that s--- all up down on ya name
What the f--- you don’t know, you just kno my name
Imma beat dat lil bit like a batting rink
What the f--- they be talking they cappin it
Got a 30 extended I’m dragging it
All the lies that they told me imagine em

I moved out the x like 3 years ago
New city with some spanish hoes
Say they jack me now they ain’t did before
I was busy selling glass I ain’t give a f---
Run it up a n---- got a load
I ain’t really go to highschool
I was trippin off boy my momma know
F--- they talkin bout I ain’t really from the A
Shut ya f------ mouth
How you really do me dirty but then get tight when I don’t jack n-----
B---- I’m from the bx I might go to PA for a week and flip another pack
I don’t chill with nobody, don’t kno how to act
I got b------ on molly, sippin on that yak
They be telling me baby boy keep yo head
I be telling em b---- I’m always with dat lead

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