Deal: Unlocked LG V30 now costs less than $700

Deal: Unlocked LG V30 now costs less than $700
Last month, LG officially released unlocked variants of its V30 and V30+ smartphones in the US, selling them for around $800 and around $900, respectively. Now, the unlocked LG V30 can be bought for just $674.99 if you're getting it from B&H - that's at least $125 off the phone's original price.

B&H does not say if this is a limited time offer, so we don't know if you should hurry up and order the unlocked LG V30. In any case, if you think you need this high-end smartphone right away, you can buy it via the source link below.

The unlocked LG V30 works on pretty much all relevant US mobile carriers, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The handset is available in just one color version: silver.

While it's still running Android 7 Nougat, the LG V30 is about to be updated to Android 8 Oreo. The phone's Korean variant received its Oreo update at the end of December, so the US model will likely be updated in the coming months.

Deal: Unlocked LG V30 now costs less than $700

source: B&H

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