Audrey Assad - Drawn To You Single (+ Lyric Video)

Singer/songwriter Audrey Assad releases “Drawn to You,” the third single from her upcoming new album Evergreen, due Feb. 23rd. The track is available today on outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and other digital providers internationally.

Produced and arranged by Audrey Assad, the heartfelt piece “Drawn to You” was co-written by Grammy® nominated artist Matt Maher.

Speaking about the new song, Audrey writes on her Facebook page, “Friends, Today I am SO excited to share a song with you that closes out the album, and that has moved me at a deep level since the day Matt Maher and I sat down to write its chorus, which came first”

For the last few years I’ve made no secret of my struggles to believe and my release of my need for certitude; I have gone through a real and painful and long deconstruction process. It has taken me to some spiritual and emotional places which, though uncharted and overwhelming at times, have also provided opportunities for clarity and freedom” Assad continues, “I am somewhat removed now from both blind adherence to a legalistic rule-based system of faith AND the subsequent reactionary anti-fundamentalism anger binge; and I find that after all of it, I am still drawn to God
She concludes, “That is my story and my song at this point in my life, and I hope you find in these words and melodies a safe room for tears, for anger, fear, or sorrow—or for praise, gratitude, and peace—or for the strange cocktail of emotions seemingly at odds that I’ll call “all of the above. With love, Audrey”

Check out the official lyric video below;

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