How to auto Backup Your Blogger/blogspot posts to google drive - IFTTT -

How to auto Backup Your Blogger/blogspot posts to google drive – IFTTT

 Hi Readers, Do You Know the importance of backing up Your blogger posts? if you don’t know, check below.


If you google “How to backup your blog” you will find 1000 tutorials.  But what I  have noticed about almost all these posts is that they are incomplete.  They either tell you how to backup your content (which is important! don’t get me wrong) or your template, but typically they don’t cover your entire blog. They don’t explain how to save a copy of ALL the stuff you want saved in case of a zombie apocalypse or nuclear war.  What would it take to rise from the ashes and build a new blog? THAT is what you are really asking when you say “How do I backup my blog?”

So today I’m going to cover all the things you can (and should) have copies off.. just in case something goes terribly wrong.

There are 4 main parts to your blogspot blog that you should be backing up: 

1.  Your content.  The HTML that makes up all of your posts and pages.

2.  Your template.  The code that packages up your content so nicely in your browser.

3.  Your images.   Contrary to popular belief, no, in fact your images are NOT backed up when you
back up your content.  Your images are actually hosted outside of your content and so if you want to make sure they are never lost, you probably want to keep a copy of each and every one of them.

4. Your HTML gadgets.  The content within your HTML gadgets (your sidebars and footers) floats in a strange “no mans land” when it comes to Blogspot.  It isn’t backed up with your template, nor is it backed up with your content.  Typically it wouldn’t be catastrophic to lose the little bit of HTML in your sidebars (usually it is images and text for things like buttons or ads or whatever you keep in your side bar). However, if you ever want to migrate to a new blog or new template, having a copy of those gadgets is a good idea.

In this post i will teach you how to backup your new Blogger posts to a Google Drive file  Using  t:IFTTT (if you are new to the word ifttt please read the post on how to get started with ifttt)
If you publish a new post on Blogger, a file will automatically created in your Google Drive. This can serve as backup method for your blog posts.

Make Sure You Know how to Use IFTTT through this link > goto > login or sign up > Click here to connect and activate Applet

How to auto Backup Your Blogger/blogspot posts to google drive - ifttt

This applet with only backup your new blogspot posts.
The Applet action will append to a Google document as determined by the file name and folder path you specify. Once a file’s size reaches 2MB a new file will be created.
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