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Nosa and Franca as a duo are worship leaders who have been recording artists since 1989. Individually, Nosa is a multi instrumentalist and evangelist, and Franca is a vocalist. Their ministry started under the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, where they sang together in the Christian Redeemed Voices of Church of God Mission Int. They got married in 1995, and currently have three children.

As recording artists, they have been very successful with several releases, touring with their gospel band, and have won several awards. They operate their own Audio and Video studio, Faith Duet Studio in Benin City, Nigeria, and are involved in several projects, from organizing crusades and musical programs for churches, to developing, mentoring and producing for new artists, to free music concerts for the youth.

They count as their major influence Archbishop Benson Idahosa, David Mporampora and Dwight and Denise Lilies, and are inspired by Panam Percy Paul and Scott Wesley Brown.

With their studio, they do several work including Radio / TV Commercials, Business Training and Seminar Presentations on CD and Cassettes, Jingles, Custom Phone Jingles and ringtones, Announcings / Narrations, Voice-overs, Producing Original Composings, Musical Arranging, Music and Song Productions, Film and TV Sound Tracks, Digital Editing Audio and video, Songs and wishes for any occasions, Copying Music to CD from Cassette, Records, and Voice Recorder, and Burning and Copying CDs and Cassettes

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