Top 5 Hacking Related Movies To Watch You Must Watch -

Top 5 Hacking Related Movies To Watch You Must Watch

Am going to share some Movies and Documentaries movies i have watch related to Hacking and other stuffs like that, You know 1337 🙂
I am going to list Top 5 Hacking Related Movies To Watch, I have watched them and they’re quite interesting, but you know the Movies Hackers are alot different from the Real World Aspects, Let me explain why?
  • The Movies Hackers doesn’t need to check for any vulnerability/Bug in any System before getting into it, they’re already know what they’re are doing, why this is not the case as a real hacker, you need to figure out what type of vulnerability it is, before you can exploit it.
  • As for me, since i have started watching anything relating to Cyber/Hacking movies, i haven’t for once see the type of OS, they’re all using, What i can see is Black background with a Green font and some windows doing the same scrolling up down and then you see the attack successful 🙂
  • I think they need to look how things go before they start to doing these kinds of movies. So let me share them with you

WHO AM I – No System Is Safe

who am i
Benjamin, a young German computer whiz, is invited to join a subversive hacker group that wants to be noticed on the world’s stage.

Hacker’s Game

Hackers game
A love story between two hackers, Soyan and Loise. Like many other hackers, Soyan works for a company he previously hacked.


FBI agent Jennifer Marsh is tasked with hunting down a seemingly untraceable serial killer who posts live videos of his victims on the Internet. As time runs out, the cat and mouse chase becomes more personal.


A furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners hunt a high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta.




A freelance computer hacker discovers a mysterious government computer program. He breaks into the program and is thrust into a revolution.
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