How to upload your songs to / -

How to upload your songs to /

upload video photo to waptrick

Site Features (all about) is based mainly in downloading and uploading files with other super features like:

  • Upload space: 4000mb uploading space (2000 space for public files and 2000 space for private files)
  • Upload limit: 500mb (highest) per upload
  • Upload Mediums: Upload from mobiles/computers, Upload from web (via url Read more…)
  • Supported file Formats: jad, jar, sis, sis_alternative, sisx, nth, swf, apk, gif, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, mp3_second_mime, mp3, wav, amr, midi, mid, mp4, 3gp, pdf, zip, avi, mov, mkv, mpg,
    mpeg. read more…
  • Downloads: Quick flawless download (section i files) with zip achieve for files editors, programmers and moders
  • forums and bloggers hosting: is also concerned in the aspect of hosting files for your website and blog tutorials

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